Ensuring the Education of Our Local Schoolchildren

Our ongoing charity effort to support the Granville Education Foundation is well underway, and we have been gratified to see many families in our community come out to show support for this wonderful organization as they provide resources to our schools.

It’s sad but true that most schools in our area are short on funds and long on expenses, and the GEF helps bridge that gap by providing teachers with the tools they need to ensure our kids receive a complete education.

Our new short-term goal in this charity effort is to raise $500 for the Granville Foundation as they begin stockpiling resources for the next school year. To be part of this effort, all you have to do is encourage a friend or family member to head into our offices for a complimentary insurance analysis. Once that’s done, we will happily issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to the Granville Education Foundation for $10. Send in as many referrals as you want, and we will issue a donation for each one.

We thank everyone for the assistance that’s already been provided, but we have more to do so don’t be shy! Let’s make sure our kids have everything they need for next year!