Give Us A Name And We’ll Give Them A Meal

About 1,456,200 people are struggling with hunger in North Carolina – and 443,040 of them are children. Our agency is on a mission to help local individuals meet their basic dietary needs. By supporting the remarkable work being done by the Area Congregations in Ministry (ACIM) Food Bank, we are committed to raising funds for this worthy cause. We can join forces to bring food, medical utilities, and temporary shelter to those who need it the most.

Since its foundation in 1985, and with the help of its directors and multiple volunteers, ACIM has been able to help a significant number of Granville County residents in need.

We are profoundly inspired by how this organization’s operations and staff strive to become the best at supporting those in need. Our team here at the Larry Mitchell Agency, sincerely believes that ACIM’s efforts deserve as much help as they can get.

So, we’re now advocating and directing monetary rewards to this very cause. We hope to build smiles and relieve some of the burden carried by many local residents in need – and you can help. When you recommend someone to us for a quote, we offer to donate $10 on your behalf. And yes, that is for EACH friend you send us. How many do you have? Do the math, and recommend someone today!

Getting involved has never been so simple, or free!