With a heart full of hope and determination, we embark on a journey to bring light and joy to the lives of courageous children fighting cancer. According to the American Cancer Society more than ten thousand children face a cancer diagnosis in the United States every year. We recognize the profound impact this has not only on the children but also on their entire families. In an instant, their carefree afternoons at the park and cherished family dinners transform into a relentless battle filled with hospital visits, medical procedures, and, at times, radiation and chemotherapy.

This unimaginable hardship often means months spent away from the comfort of their own homes. We firmly believe that Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation is a beacon of hope, dedicated to creating a nurturing home away from home for children undergoing pediatric cancer treatment. Their unwavering support and specialized services cater to the unique needs of these brave young warriors. Over the past two years, they have provided housing for approximately many families, allowing them to find solace and strength during this challenging journey.

We wholeheartedly believe that no child should feel confined within the sterile walls of a hospital room, especially when already facing such complex struggles. We can even aid their healing process by providing them with a comforting environment. That is why we are raising support for Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation. It’s simple to join us in this mission – recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive a no-obligation insurance quote from us, and for each referral, we will donate $10 on your behalf!

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