Commercial Auto Insurance

Why Purchase Commercial Car Insurance?

Good commercial auto insurance is tailored specifically for vehicles utilized in the operation of a business. This would include vans, cars, and trucks, whether a single vehicle or an entire fleet of them. This coverage protects the policyholder from the myriad of liability risks and from the costs of repair should a commercial vehicle be damaged during the operation of the business. As is the case with personal car insurance, states will mandate some level of this coverage to allow a business’ vehicle(s) to operate legally.

This coverage is appropriate for all types of businesses that, in some way, use vehicles for their business operations. For instance, any kind of a taxi service would require this kind of a plan for its fleet. A company catering to tourists would need this plan for the vehicles they use to show sights of interest. A delivery service would require this coverage to protect its trucks and/or vans and so on. Business owners can navigate through and be financially protected from the many legal, medical, or repair expenses that arise from accidents (or other risks) a business with vehicles can face. Whether large or small, a business can benefit by this kind of crucial coverage.

Commercial car plans are not really that different from personal auto policies; the exception being that the coverage provided is tailored for businesses. Should some sort of loss occur, a business owner will file a claim, just like one does with a personal policy. After some level of investigation, the insurance provider will then determine whether or not to approve the claim. Normally one will not get approval only if the loss-causing event isn’t covered by the plan.

Types of commercial vehicle coverage:

• Personal Injury
• Bodily Injury (to others)
• Collision (with other vehicles)
• Property Damage
• Damage Due to Loading and Unloading
• Rental Vehicles provided during Repairs
• Comprehensive Coverage (Compensation for losses derived outside of a collision)
• Towing & Roadside Help Commercial vehicle coverage can save a business from financial ruin and it is made available and effective for any size company.

Commercial car policies can mitigate the kinds of losses that can result in the bankruptcy of a business while also assuring legal compliance.